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We started out in 2004. Just 2 guys with the intention of doing things better and differently. Since then, we've been privileged to work with a global brand like Panasonic Air Conditioners until today on work that goes out to many countries around the world. It's a unique relationship that we are very grateful to have and continue to strive for.


Besides this, we've had the good fortune of working with some of the best in their business. Like Bukit Kiara Properties, Yeo's, Angry Birds Activity Park to name a few. And along the way, we've been given the opportunity to create brands for our clients that have endured the years past. 

Today, the world has changed so much. Social media, big data, artificial intelligence, extended reality technology have all added to the opportunities, and confusion, in the quest for building brands. Still, at the very top is the BIG IDEA. And that's what we will continue to focus on, while working with an ever changing landscape of information and media.


Ask us how we can convert all your data into the next idea that will take your business to the next level.

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